Delta Daily Deals!

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Monday Specials!

$40 Features: Blueberry BT, Stardawg, Jack Flash, Purple Ice $30 Chocolate: Osage $45 Cart: QMG Full Spec 15% off for Seniors all day!

Tuesday Special!

Feb 23rd: 15% off EVERYTHING in store!

Wednesday Waxy Special!

Feb 24th: $40 Features: Marionberry, Starkiller, Member Berry, Sunset Magic $45 Cart: S'mores FS 15% off all Extracts!

Thursday Specials!

Feb 25th: Call Store for details!

Friday Ounce Special!

Feb 26th: Build Your Own Ounce Special: Buy Seven 1/8's and get your Eighth 1/8 FOR a PENNY! Call store for more details!

Saturday Specials!

Feb 27th: $40 flower: Banana Hammock, Ghost OG, Purple Ice, Gorilla Gum $35 Crumble: S. African Kwazulu, $30 Treat: Osage Chocolate Saturday -15% off all Cartridges and Tinctures every Saturday!

Sunday Special!

Feb 28th Sunday - 15% off entire store!